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2014 Elementary League Registration NOW OPEN!  

As you know tonight is the night that I said was our goal for letting all your little ones know who's team they are on for elementary basketball.  You probably are getting a little frustrated at this point and up until now I have not been able to let the secret out of the bag but, I think now is the time.  Rhea Greenwave Elementary Basketball is working diligently on a merger with our county Upward basketball programs to potentially create a program called Rhea County Christian Basketball.  This has been a vision of mine for some time as our program and Upward have somewhat clashed in the past.  Our basketball community has been divided for too long.  I can assure you that we will not let the quality of basketball that you are accustomed to with Greenwave diminish.  I have also assured the Upward programs that they will continue to be able to use the platform of basketball as a ministry.  We are going to attempt to pilot this program this season and if all parties involved are in agreement this could fundamentally change, for the better, a lot of what we do. 
The general frame work, basketball wise, won't change too much.  Players will practice once a week for approximately 1.5 hours and have one game a week at a centralized location (RCHS).  The only major difference is that our season will start a little later and carry into January, possibly the first week of February. 
I am working diligently with New Union Baptist Church, Dayton Church of God, Central Baptist, and Dayton First Baptist in order to get everyone on board. 
If you have any reservations whatsoever about this league proposal, feel free to share through a response to this email.  For those of you who have already paid, I can assure you that from a basketball stand point this is going to be a very good move.  I am fully prepared to refund anyone not satisfied with the direction we have committed to move.

In Christ, Coach Tony Williams



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